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Boon Flo

Brand: Boon


A water deflector and protective faucet cover with bubble bath dispenser in one

Attaching easily to a bathtub faucet with a spring-activated grip, Flo cleverly provides a simple solution to many bathtime challenges.

When the water is turned on it's diverted into a stream that extends up to 12 inches in front of the faucet, creating a gentle waterfall - perfect for rinsing hair (or just playing in!)

The soft material on the front helps protect against bumps and scrapes against the faucet and bubbles can be dispensed by a simple touch of a button.

A modern bathtime must-have.


  • improves access to water flow
  • helps protect against injury
  • dispenses bubble bath


7 1/4" x 4" x 3"


recommended for all ages
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Boon Flo
Boon Flo
Boon Flo
Boon Flo
Boon Flo
Boon Flo
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